Medical Professionals Warn That Female Viagra May Be Dangerous

Earlier this month, the little pink pill, female Viagra which is claimed to increase both sexual drive and pleasure in women came close to going on sale to help women (who are often more reserved about their sexual drives relative to men) in boosting their libido.

Since the release of the original erectile-boasting drug in 2003 by drug giant Pfizer, there has been a reported estimate of £1.2 billion in sales annually making it a best-seller if its sales are anything to go by.

viagrawomenescortsWith many women experiencing a lack of sex-drive, especially after childbirth, female Viagra does have a huge market. In Australia the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute studied 1,500 new mothers and their findings were that after having a baby, the majority of couples interviewed had less sex.

There have been attempts over the years to produce a pill that boosts libido in women to no avail. Viagra for men works by enhancing the flow of blood to the genitals. This was tested in women in 2004 by Pfizer. It did result in increased arousal or more regular sex though it increased the flow of blood.

A different approach involving giving the male sex hormone testosterone to women to boost their desires was tried. It helped in some cases but there can be unfortunate side effects to gets and patches including developing male characteristics like body hair. Fears that that linked them to blot clots also existed.

The first drug to treat low sexual desire in women is now set to go on sale. A U.S FDA (Food and Drug Administration advisory panel, earlier this month, voted that a drug, Flibanserin, be given conditional approval. Addyi is the brand name under which the drug will be marketed and is expected to have final approval in August meaning it may pave way for its prescription in the Uk.

The drug is, however, controversial enough for one in six women in the clinical trial to stop the medication as a result of its side effects which include sleepiness, unexpected drops in blood pressure and also fainting.

The genitals are not the target of these drugs but the brain. It changes the way they respond to dopamine, serotonin and other ‘feel good’ chemicals. They theorized that with women experiencing more pleasure, they will want more.

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A consultant clinical Psychologist, Janice Hiller, at the London’s Tavistock Centre for couple Relationships said that the company is ignoring a major fact: a woman’s emotional life often determines her sex drive. According to her, the link between her brain and genitals are different from those of the man.

“The quality of a woman’s relationship is often the cause of her wanning sex drive.” She continued. “A woman will have reduced or no sexual interest in her partner if she feels subjected to hostility, undermined, taken for granted, ignored or belittled according to research”
So making your partner feel loved may be the key to boosting your sex life.

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These 7 Foods With Help Increase Your Sex Drive

better sex goji berries libido

It is a fact that greasy junk foods such as pizza, french fries, cakes and hamburgers make you feel like napping rather than taking your shirt off or getting into your bikini, but maybe you did not know that there also happen to be healthy foods which are packed with nutrients – and no I am not talking about oysters and dark chocolate, which can also give your sex drive a tremendous boost. You are what you eating and having a great sex life involves your whole lifestyle, including healthy eating, not just working out, because if you are not feeding your body the right fuel you will never perform your best.

Why not consider the below foods next time you are at the market? They can help boost testosterone and increase blood flow to the important areas when you are warming up for your next imitate session.

Following are seven foods recommended by Isadora that will get you and your partner excited.


This veggie is known to strengthen one’s reproductive organs and increase testosterone which, of course, causes libido to be stimulated in both men and women. According to Isadora, “It’s known as a tonic used in building sexual energy in Ayurveda.” What I’m about to say next will even surprise you. Onions has to be avoided by monks because it is known to build up semen! Yeah, you got that right. Anyway, you should chop it and put it into whatever you eat.

Allicin in garlic builds heat in the body, is also proven to raise testosterone levels and is valuable for sexual stamina. Body builders make use of it to grow their muscles too.sexwithhighclassescort

Cayenne Pepper

They can spice up your sex life as well as they are spicy on the tongue. This one is to be taken when you are ready for action as their effects are immediate. There is capsaicin which creates heat, improves circulation and blood flow for erections contained in hot peppers. You can add dessert later.


Dates, according to Isadora, are rich stores of amino acids and are known to increase sexual stamina. Eating and feeding them to your lover can be very sensual as they melt in your mouth. They are sticky so you should have some paper towel on the side. They are a common aphrodisiac in North African countries such as Nigeria.


They are also rich stores of amino acids with appearance and flavours that make them aphrodisiacs. With texture and scents that are very sensual and aromatic, eating and feeding them to your lover even looks sexual.

Goji Berries

“Known to increase testosterone, these sexual ‘superfood’ have long been in use in Asian countries as sexual tonic,” says Isadora. Simply eat a handful or sprinkle some on your salad or cereal. Getting them in dried form is good too.

Fatty Fish

Fatty fish contain useful ingredients. First is omega-3 fatty acids known to elevate mood (the more relaxed, the more in the mood for sex) and dopamine – that’s the hormone released in the brain when an orgasm occurs. The other is L-arginine – an amino acid used in treating erectile problems (a natural Viagra).